It's not who we are, it's what we do what defines us.

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A Bit Of History

Small Firm with Big Dreams

Passion, Creativity and Dedication have always been part of our philosophy, we strive to apply this philosophy on every aspect of our lives. Founded by Gustavo Campos and Gabriela Camacho in 2008, GC Web Studio (GC is for both name's initials) started as a web firm specialized in mostly small custom websites and graphic design. Larger and more complex projects soon arrived, from custom content management systems and websites, to 3D animation, sound & video editing, and more... we did it all!.

Soon after opening our doors to the public we started to take on more projects that we could actually handle. As a small firm, the workload that we were handling was a big compromise to our commitment of delivering high quality work and the high level of personalization we like to provide. It was then decided to shift our focus to 4 key areas: Web Development, Mobile Applications, E-Commerce and Marketing. Learn More about our Services